Five-year-old Ruth Evelyn (R.E.) Pranke wears a shirt that says, “My ability is stronger than my disability,” and her attitude reflects that message everyday. The little girl was born without arms, but she doesn’t want prosthetic arms for now, because she does everything with her feet.

“There’s no ‘can’t’ in her vocabulary,” says her mom, Karlyn Pranke.

When R.E. decided she wanted to ride a bike, her family rushed to support her.

“She wants to ride a bike, so we’ll figure out a way that she can,” her mom said.

A prosthetist at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare made a custom device for R.E. that goes around her shoulders and connects to the handle bars of the bike. The device allows R.E. to balance and steer.

“I’m getting the hang of it!” R.E. exclaimed on her first ride around the block.

Watch the video above to see R.E. learn to ride her bike.

Just another example of Ruth Evelyn accomplishing everything she puts her mind to.


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