This program introduces the parents and couples to the systems approach to Families. It also introduces a powerful, effective and insight-provoking tool of working with relationships. It teaches techniques and approaches used to work with couples and families. The focus will be on the nuclear family but will also integrate information regarding marital, sibling and individual subsystems as well as the family of origin and external societal influences. Topics covered in this 2 day enrichment program include: * Basics of family life * Learning to creating a healthy environment where everyone feels valued, connected and empowered. * Improve parenting skills through role modeling and education * Imparting values of family integrity and sacredness * Normal child development and formation of children * Psychological approaches to family problems * Developmental problems of couples * Empowering the couples to face the challenges and problems of family life in an effective manner based on sound family principles * Enabling couples to lead happy and peaceful lives

Course fee: Rs. 3000/- per couple (A registration fee of Rs.500/- may please be paid in advance to ensure your seat)