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Expressive arts therapy is a dynamic practice of using storytelling, art, playing, music, singing, body movement, dance, drama, all together, in an integrated way, to foster healing, human growth and development. It brings about healing through the use of various forms of creative expression. Expressive arts therapy is most effective form of counseling children. It is equally effective with adult individuals, couples, families, and groups. Topics in Narrative Therapy will include re-claiming the self through: * Stories and myths * Literature and poetry * Fairy tale * Journaling * Reframing the Stories The Visual Arts: * Colors of creativity * Art, drawing and painting * Collage making * Sculpting, building and assemblage * Mask-making The Intuitive Arts: * Guided imagery * Meditation * Dream analysis * Universal archetypes for healing * Opening to spiritual dimensions The Performing Arts * Play therapy * Body movement and dance therapy * Psychodrama and role playing * Singing and instrumental music Take your health into your own hands through simple yoga. Learn what constitutes a healthy body, holistic diet, the cause of most common diseases, how to lose unwanted weight, how to have more energy and much more! Important information for you, your family and your friends: Healthcare is your constitutional right. This seminar deals with different stages in healing. It will guide an individual move from their present state of physical health towards their full potential. During this seminar, the teaching will be given in a very practical way. This seminar is an excellent opportunity for yoga teachers and therapists to sharpen their observational faculties and improve their skills in the therapeutic application of yoga. It is also suitable for any health professional interested in this ancient approach to physical well-being. Non-teaching yoga practitioners are also very welcome, as the experience will also be very useful to anybody wishing to better understand their personal practice. Yoga as therapy has the following objectives: * to introduce you to yoga and its therapeutical aspect on various health conditions at the physical and mental levels. * To understand the connection between yoga and the human body–mind complex. * To relax and rejuvenate on all levels: Body, Mind, & Spirit * to open the heart space to experience universal love and acceptance * to heal the areas of one’s life that are unbalanced or dysfunctional Beginners are also welcome.

Course fee: Rs. 1500/- per day depending upon the requirement (A registration fee of Rs.500/- may please be paid in advance to ensure your seat) Resource Person: Rs. 1000/-