The Indian police officer is being praised after he stopped a presidential convoy in traffic so an approaching ambulance could pass.

ML’s Nijalingappa was directing traffic in Bengaluru’s Trinity Circle on Saturday when President Pranab Mukherjee’s automotive convoy started approaching. The president was reportedly in town for the inauguration of the Metro’s Green Line.

The police sub-inspector was about to let the convoy pass when he spotted an ambulance attempting to make its way through traffic.

The cop then halted the convoy in favor of letting the ambulance pass.

Though the gesture may not seem like that big of a deal, the Indian Express emphasizes that Indian police officers are often pressured to give politicians and bureaucrats special treatment at the risk of their careers and livelihoods. One Twitter user said: “… in the Indian context, this is HUGE decision for a policeman to make… [and it] must be recognized and encouraged.”

The Commissioner of Police, Praveen Sood, responded to the Tweet, saying that the traffic cop’s brave gesture is indeed something to be hailed – and rewarded.

“I agree. It’s not simple as it appears. Situation in field is complicated than it appears. Consequences can be either way!” said Soon.

“The policeman who took such initiative to be rewarded. Well done!” he added.


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