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The biggest gift a person could give to this world is to contribute the knowledge he has gained for the growth of others. Whatever we enjoy today are the fruits of the contributions made by our previous generations. Here in Happie Life we welcome you to contribute all good you are blessed with for the present and the future generations to benefit. Who knows? Your contribution could even become an inspiration to many who read it.
To make it more easier for you we have selected 6 categories in which you can contribute.
1. My Experience
Miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.
Here in this section Happie Life gives you an opportunity to glorify God by sharing the miracles you have experienced in your personal life. By doing so, you play a commendable role in seeding the faith of God in all who read it.
Sometimes miracles do happen even as a result of positive attitude. Sharing them would cultivate confidence and hope in the readers encouraging them to remain positive at all times.


2. Gratitude
“Being grateful is a noble virtue”. Whoever we are at present is an output of all the help that we have received from various sources in our past.
In this section, Happie Life gives you an opportunity to say aloud, a big “THANK YOU” to all the people who had been the stepping stones to your success.
Sharing about them will not only show your gratitude towards them, but will also make the readers realize that there are many such good souls in the world.
3.  Information
In this section you can find useful information contributed by various subscribers. Happie life admin verifies these informations before publishing so that the authenticity is assured.

For information which are not able to be verified you will see a tag as not verified
4. Lime Light
This section is exclusively for the story tellers, bathroom singers, buddy poets, amateur artists and many more searching for a global platform to exhibit their hidden talents.
Upload all your creations to download an ocean of opportunities!
5. Helping Hands
“Helping hands are better than praying lips” – Mother Teresa
In this section you can both post a help needed by you as well as extend helping hands to the people in need. The needs are posted in this section and are published after our admin team had verified the genuineness of each help that is sort.


6. Q & A
In this section you are free to post any questions or doubts that you have on any field. Our admin scrutinizes the same and publishes it. Qualified persons in the concerned fields would address these questions and doubts.
You can either be a person raising the query or a qualified professional posting your reply for them. Our admin team would take sincere measures to ensure that this section is used for genuine queries and replies avoiding unnecessary chats and comments.

Please note that all contributions can be made through the ” Submit an article ” button in the header menu by choosing the category.