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About us

HAPPIE LIFE is an innovative product of its founder Jerry, a psychologist, whose vision had been to create a world of positive thinkers and motivational leaders. As a first step of this massive task, HAPPIE LIFE, a web based positive community has been initiated. The creation of such a community is based on the concept of positive psychology that says that what you focus on grows stronger and what you neglect vanishes by time. Jerry had meticulously selected this concept and have taken a positive measure to bring it to practice through this web based community.

Our Story

The idea of this website www.happielife.in is to spread all good happening all around the world to each and every individual . By doing so, the impact and focus on positivity will increase making the negatives disappear over a period of time.

The subscribers of this site are expected to upload all the good things happening around them both in their family and the society around such that their sharing becomes a motivation for all who read it.

In addition to it, the subscribers also get an opportunity to earn an extra income through options like affiliate incentive, most liked articles etc.

happie life motto

Our Motto

Nourish Goodness

Cherish Lovingness

Accomplish Happiness

happie life vision

Our Vision

Creating a positive world filled with Love, Joy and Peace

Happie life Mission

Our Mission

Pick and choose all good happenings around the globe and reach it to every individual

Next Steps…

Do you like to be part of this happie community? Then why hesitate? Subscribe and join our happie family