Dear Formators, Have you experienced time and again how formees are so nice, sweet, supportive and cooperative initially, but gradually begin to show the darker side of their personality after they are full-fledged? Even though they exhibit pleasant qualities at the beginning, over time, they begin to exhibit other unhealthy attitudes and behavioral patterns. What goodness they exhibit initially is called Manifest Motive. But deep within them lurk emotional pain and unconscious patterns called Latent Motive. This comes to the fore only after they are full-fledged. The emotional pain of the childhood remains repressed, and personality disorders can remain unnoticed during formation period. In the later period, the unhealthy energy within them spills out in destructive patterns that defeat the charm of their life and most important relationships. It spills out in their Addictions, Power Mongering, Scandal Mongering, and Deviations. It spills out in the chronic levels of low self-esteem that induces people to have recourse to unhealthy grouping based on Casteism, Language Affiliation, Vested Interest and so forth. It spills out in the form of Physical Illness. Since the formees are least aware of this hidden nature, they may not respond adequately to direction given by the formators initially. This six days program is an excellent opportunity for the formees to discover their latent motive, their hidden emotional pain and get healed at this stage and lead a healthy life later.

Course fee: Rs. 5000/- (A registration fee of Rs.500/- may please be paid in advance to ensure your seat)